Clínica Veterinaria La Campana

Clínica Veterinaria La Campana

Experts in the care of animals

Three reasons for you choose us to care your beloved pet’s health

Since 1996, we have been dedicated to looking after the health of many pets and animals. Our preventative programs are the best solution to ensure that your animal will always be healthy. It is for this reason that we provide you with our modern and well-equipped facilities and a professional team devoted to solving any health issues that your pet may have. Our work is always carried out with the utmost care.

¡We look after your pet's health leaving you to enjoy their company and love!
1. Experience and professionalism

Since opening we have continued with our training and development in animal health to offer you - our appreciated clients - a professional and quality service. You can trust our experience to provide excellent health care of your “four legged friends”.

2. Prevention

Our prime concern is maintaining optimum health to prevent illness in your pet. We advise you on all areas of preventative veterinary health, from birth until older age.
3. Added services

Our clinic comprises modern equipment to carry out blood analytics, radiology, electrocardiography, etc. This allows us to quickly evaluate the pet´s level of health. We have a fully equipped operating room with the highest quality machines for monitoring the vital statistics of the patient at every moment.

You will also have access to your pet's own web page, where you can ask us any questions that you might have and confirm the next appointment that your pet has with us.